February 2013
Hosted by Lord Graham of Edmonton, Friday 5 July 2013. We hope you will be able to join us.
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Gala Dinner at the House of Lords
HE First
Latymer Link
was produced in June 1996. since
then it has proved a vital tool in
our link with the wider Latymer
community in the UK and worldwide
and our fund-raising efforts. in the
current world of technology,
environmental issues and increasing
costs and the incredible response to our
Paperless society appeal, we would like
to announce that this is the last printed
Latymer Link
. thereafter, the
newsletter will be available online
every June and december. if you would
like to continue receiving our news,
please email us at
to be added to
the ‘Paperless Latymer society’.
For those who would prefer to
receive a printed copy of Latymer news,
the Latymer old students Association
(LosA) produces two newsletters per
year. LosA is run independently of the
school, with former pupils invited to
become members through the payment
of a modest fee. they have a worldwide
membership that is well over 1,200
strong and now have a number of
overseas branches. For the sports
minded, LosA supports two affiliated
societies: a Football Club (website:
and a Badminton Club.
there is also a Latymer Lodge. LosA
endeavours to keep former pupils of all
eras in touch with each other.
For further information, visit the
Latymer website/LosA or contact
Christine smith at the school, direct line
0208 887 8105 or email her at
We also have a yearly school
Magazine distributed each autumn to all
students and staff at Latymer. this
superb publication is a historical record
of the school year and it celebrates the
many achievements of the pupils, staff
and the Latymer community. if you
would like to order a copy or require
further information, costs etc, please
contact the Campaign office.
Niki Aresti
Foundation Campaign Office
The Latymer School
Haselbury Road
London N9 9TN
020 8887 8105 or 020 8807 4037
Changes to
headteacher Mark Garbett was featured in
Evening Standard
on 24 January commenting on the
English Baccalaureate. He pledged to keep encouraging
teenagers at Latymer to study arts subjects; he criticised the
EBacc for failing to recognise pupils who study subjects
including rE, Music, Art and drama.
Mr Garbett said the new qualification risks pushing
teenagers away from creative subjects. He added, “Art, Music,
drama, Media, PE, technology – none are in the EBacc, but
without these subjects a school is a poorer place. London is
renowned for the arts, cinema, theatre and music. if students
are told these subjects are not important then London is going
to be a poorer place.”
He said, “i want to go to the theatre and watch great drama.
the arts are vital for human beings. We shall continue to give
them proper weight in the curriculum.” scores of cultural
leaders have urged Education secretary Michael Gove to
include arts subjects in the EBacc.
Niki Aresti
Encouraging the arts at Latymer
Above: Mark Garbett with Latymer pupils
(Picture by Lucy Young, courtesy of The Evening Standard)
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