6 Latymer
February 2013
team at the
APFLs continues to provide support
for the education of the ever-
changing pool of Latymer students. Well,
that’s the Association of Parents and
Friends of Latymer school, mostly parents
who currently have children at the school,
but also a dedicated band who either once
did or otherwise like the place – plus, of
course, a select band of teachers who help
the charity along on its route.
And that’s a route seeking to raise funds
to provide just that little bit more for all
the students and as far as possible to do so
in a fun, social and school environment
enhancing way. if you can manage that
and raise tens of thousands of pounds into
the bargain then i guess the APFLs is doing
something right.
The X Factor
to stop the Great Hall being filled with quiz
night winning hopefuls eating their way to
a desired winning position. And eat
everyone can at the summer international
Food Festival with fare representing
London’s ever widening cultural mix
supported by music and entertainment
from Latymer’s performers.
our monthly car boot sales must be
contributing significantly to north London’s
recycling position with the car park often
completely filled with car based sellers and
buyers negotiating over that must-have
We continue to provide two annual
discos for the younger years and in year 11
the APFLs prom takes them up the thames
on a private boat complete with lower
deck dance floor.
thousands of cups of tea and coffee are
sold in the small Hall, bringing
refreshments to a wide range of school
events and bolstering our coffers into the
bargain. dedication to the cause, that’s
what the APFLs volunteer brings, oh, and
minibuses, iPads, stage lights for the Great
Hall, projectors, pianos, music stands, bird
seed, fish food and all the rest.
Fish food? A long story, don’t ask – just
join in.
Karl Brown
APFLS chair
to LosA’s final
printed report. i hope you
continue reading the
or sign up with niki Aresti for an email
version, where you will still be able to
catch up with details of forthcoming
if you would still like to receive a
printed publication, our 32-page LosA
newsletter is posted twice a year. this has
details of events, eg planned reunions,
annual dinner, AGM, letters and contacts
from members, both from home and
overseas, articles of interest and always
news from the Latymer headteacher on
current school activities.
LosA, although strongly supported by
the school, is run independently, so it is
necessary to charge a modest membership
fee. our current membership rates are one
year for £5, five years £20 and 20 years
£60. there is also a special student rate of
£5 for school leavers to cover 3/4 years of
further education.
if you are interested in supporting LosA
by becoming a member please contact me.
Latymer school tuesday 5 March 8pm.
Annual Dinner
Latymer school dining Hall saturday 20
April 7pm. tickets are £20 each, which
includes a four-course meal served to your
table. Mark Garbett, headteacher, will
bring us up to date with school activities
and Andrew Granath, school archivist,
always entertains us with amusing stories
found in archive documents. Come along
with family and friends and enjoy a great
Summer reunion Day
saturday 13 July Midday–4pm. our main
event of every year is the reunion and
every year brings a new round of ‘special
Anniversary reunions’. if you joined
Latymer in any of the years 1943, 1948,
1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983,
1988 or 1993, it is ‘your’ year, so diarise
it may not be a ‘special’ year for you but
everyone is welcome. You might like just
to wander around, checking out old
haunts, browse in the Ashworth Library,
where photos and memorabilia will be on
display, or watch football on the field or
netball in the sports hall.
At 4pm all old students gather in the
Great Hall for the singing of the school
song – this is not to be missed! if you
would like to book in for lunch at 12.45pm
just contact me. We always have a great
day so come and enjoy it. information can
be found on the website but if you do not
have access to the internet telephone or
write to me.
Christine Smith
LOSA Administrator
020 8887 8105
losa @latymer.co.uk
games of
football against Lea Valley,
Winchmore and Bishop stopford,
we reached the final of the Enfield Cup.
our opponents were Chase Community
school and, having arrived at Enfield
Grammar to play the final, the team was
full of confidence.
We started the game the better of the
two sides and very nearly took an early
lead when Joe Young played through ball
to Artur sobota, only for the keeper to
slide out and collect. However, all of our
pressure soon paid off, as a corner from
oliver Wick was met by a run to the near
post by Joe Young and the ball was in the
back of the net.
the half-time whistle blew and, after
words of wisdom and encouragement
from Mr Probert and Mr Pashley, the
second half was underway. the game
was much tighter and either side could
have scored, but a weaving, skilful run
down the left saw Matthew Coyne cross
the ball into the box, for a first time
finish from Artur, making the score 2–0.
Chase battled back and very nearly
scored as their striker picked up the ball
on the edge of the box, unleashing a
powerful shot, which Joe Levy Brown
tipped on to the crossbar. the game
finished 2–0 to Latymer and, with that
result, we were crowned cup winners of
We would like to thank all the
teachers who came and supported us
and a huge thanks to Mr Probert for
running the team. this is the first time in
living memory that Latymer has won the
Enfield Cup!
Adrian King
Year 8 Enfield Schools’ Cup run
1,2,3,4,5 7,8