4 Latymer
February 2013
Concert news
repertoire for our Music at Latymer concert in october was
themed around
Heroes and Villains
, with music spanning pop,
jazz, film, folk, baroque and romantic; year 7 sang songs from
Hercules, the Beach Boys and the Beatles. Well done to all 400
or so performers, including our five orchestras, three choirs,
Brass Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Barbershop and A
Cut Above.
on thursday 28 February 2013 we hold our annual
orchestral Concert, with repertoire this year to include Elgar’s
Enigma Variations
, Grieg’s
Holberg Suite
, Vivaldi’s
Concerto for
Two Cellos
and Liszt’s formidable
(with year 13 piano
soloist Asagi nakata). Please contact Mrs ranyard for tickets
Calling all singers
in our Music at Latymer on Wednesday 27 March 2013 we plan
to include our traditional large scale senior Choir plus orchestra
item. if you would like to join the choir to perform schubert’s
Mass in G
, there are rehearsals on tuesday 19 March (choir
visitors only, Music department, 6.3–8.30pm) and tuesday 26
March (choir and orchestra, Great Hall, 6.30–8.45pm). Please
email me
) if you are interested – no
previous choral experience necessary. All welcome.
Viol workshop
in september we welcomed Alison Kinder to the Music
department for an A-level viol workshop. students were able to
try viols of different sizes and play through a late 16th Century
set work by Holborne on instruments that might have been
used four centuries ago.
Jim Harrison
Above: Barbershop; left: the viol workshop
t HAS been said that writing is a craft that needs to be
exercised, and even more so for those wanting to go into
the industry of journalism. the opportunity to write for
Enfield’s youth magazine Delirium came around through YAVE
(Youth Action Volunteering Enfield), in the form of a chance
both to make a contribution to our local youth culture and
give us the vital experience needed to make an entrance into
the world of writing and journalism.
Having just come out of an extraordinary summer of sport,
it felt as if there were an abundance of things to write about.
We both first went to the sessions with the intention of
simply writing a few pieces, but left not only as published
writers, but as writers with experience in design, editing and
photography. We learnt new skills and were encouraged to
pursue our goals further with a greater knowledge of
publishing and ideas from other people our age. YAVE runs
two magazine programmes a year, one in the summer and
one in winter – information can be found through the local
We loved the experience as it was a challenging and
enjoyable learning curve, and would recommend it strongly
to anybody considering a career in journalism, publishing and
the media, or with just a passion for writing.
Alison Gamble (top left in picture) and Sharlene Gandhi
(bottom left), 12 ONE
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