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West Entrance
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In this issue
entering the school from
the playground parking have been
impressed this academic year by
the enhancement to the old Concert
Entrance, now renamed the West
Entrance. this is a construction project
that was done during the summer break
after having been proposed originally
some years ago.
rotting roof timbers from a leak,
combined with congestion in busy times
and a light aluminium door, unable to
withstand heavy duty, were the drivers of
the project. With the Latymer
Foundation’s support the visual aspect of
the entrance was significantly improved,
giving it a more welcoming appeal to
parents and prospective parents for
whom it is the primary entrance to the
the architects were given a brief to
design it not only to meet the practical
requirements, but also to make sure it
matched the architectural heritage of the
original 1910 school. the visual clues of
the school’s centenary poster showing
the dual peaked gables and keystones
were incorporated above the new double
doors to sympathetically reflect the style.
internally, the office in the entrance
hall was relocated to enlarge the space
and reduce the crush that was all too
familiar to those leaving after one of the
school’s popular music concerts or drama
productions. the lighting and walls were
designed to show off the school’s art and
other displays to their best advantage.
the new lobby, which forms an airlock
for best heating efficiency, also shows off
the school’s foundation stone (below),
which is given pride of place on one wall,
with a stained glass window of the
school’s coat of arms, donated by LosA,
on the other side. the stone had been
half hidden behind a cupboard for years
and it is hard to believe its new position
is less than two metres away from where
it was previously.
Externally the entrance is designed to
draw in those approaching on foot with
cobbled effect paving and a garden area
on each side of the new doors, each with
a young tree. these are memorials to Jill
Hodgkiss and Malcolm McKenzie
respectively, the two staff members who
sadly passed away in service in 2012.
And, of course, between the two
peaks is the Latymer school crest (artist’s
impression above) to leave you in no
doubt as to the veritable institution you
are entering.
Derek Lamb
School bursar
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