May 2012
Did you know…?
reunion Day
Our main event of every year is summer
reunion Day and for 2012 saturday 14
July is the date to diarise.
every year brings a new round of
‘special anniversary reunions’ so, if you
joined Latymer in any of the years 1942,
1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972,
1977, 1982, 1987 or 1992 and have not
received a personal invitation, check the
LOsa website. For every year group there
is an invitation letter that can be found
on the ‘Forthcoming events’ page. View
yours, find the day’s programme and print
off an application form to book lunch. If
you do not have access to the internet,
telephone or write to me.
However, the day is not just for special
reunion groups. The school is open during
the afternoon from 2pm and everyone is
welcome. you might like just to wander
around, checking out old haunts, browse
in the ashworth Library where photos
and memorabilia will be on display or
watch football on the field or netball in
the sports hall. at 4pm all old students
gather in the Great Hall for the singing of
the school song – this not to be missed! If
you would prefer to arrive earlier and
book in for lunch at 12.45pm just contact
We always have a great day so come
along and enjoy!
LOSA Membership
as you will have read above,
Latymer Link
will no longer be printed and posted out
from 2013 but will still be available
online. LOsa has no plans to stop
publishing our 32-page newsletter twice a
year, which publicises details of events, eg
planned reunions, annual dinner, aGM,
letters and contacts from members, both
from home and overseas, articles of
interest and always news from the
Latymer headteacher on current Latymer
LOsa, although strongly supported by
the school, is run independently and it is
therefore necessary to charge a modest
membership fee.
Our current membership rates are one
year for £5, five years £20 and 20 years
£60. There is also a special student rate of
£5 for school leavers to cover three/four
years of further education.
all this information can be found on
the LOsa website but if you have any
questions or queries please email, write
or call me.
Christine Smith
LOSA Administrator
020 8887 8105
know that in 1910 Latymer
became a Middlesex County Council
Grammar school? By virtue of being
co-educational and with more than
1,000 pupils (acton Grammar was the
next largest with just over 700 pupils),
Latymer became the ‘flagship’
He FIrsT
Latymer Link
newsletter was
produced in June 1996. since then it
has proved a vital tool in our link with
the wider Latymer community, in the UK
and worldwide and our fund-raising
efforts. In the current world of technology,
environmental issues and increasing costs
and the incredible response to our
Paperless society appeal, we would like to
announce that the last printed
will be in December 2012. Thereafter,
Latymer Link
will be available online every
June and December. If you would like to
continue receiving our news, please email
us at
to be added
to the ‘Paperless Latymer society’.
For those who would prefer to receive a
printed copy of Latymer news, the Latymer
Old students’ association (LOsa) produces
two newsletters per year. LOsa is run
independently of the school, with former
pupils invited to become members through
the payment of a modest fee. They have a
worldwide membership that is well over
1,200 strong and now have a number of
overseas branches. For the sports minded,
LOsa supports two affiliated societies, a
Football Club (website:
a Badminton Club. There is also a Latymer
Lodge. LOsa endeavours to keep former
pupils of all eras in touch with each other.
For further information, visit the
Latymer website/LOsa or contact Christine
smith at the school. Direct line 020 8887
8105 or email her at
We also have a yearly school Magazine
distributed each autumn to all students
and staff at Latymer. This superb
publication is a historical record of the
school year and it celebrates the many
achievements of the pupils, staff and the
Latymer community. If you would like to
order a copy or require further
information, costs etc please contact the
Campaign Office.
Niki Aresti
Foundation Campaign Office
The Latymer School
Haselbury Road
London N9 9TN
020 8887 8105 or 020 8807 4037
Middlesex school during the 1930s and
was often the host to distinguished
international visitors.
Middlesex also took over
responsibility for the income from the
various Latymer bequests that were
meant to support the school.
There was some indignation in the
early 1950s when it was discovered
that part of the Foundation money
was being used to maintain trees in
Pymmes Park!
Andrew Granath
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Latymer Link
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