4 Latymer
May 2012
Chamber Orchestra
charity concert
n saTUrDay
25 February 2012
Chamber Orchestra performed at
the Church-in-the-Orchard in
Grange Park as part of an evening concert
that aimed to raise money for the local
charity nightingale Cancer support.
Opening the concert were the male
voice Three Valleys Choir and the all
female Lynmore singers. Our favourite
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
The Lion
. We then took to the stage our first
piece of the night: Purcell’s
Pavane and
Chaconne in G minor
after the interval of generously
donated tea and cakes, we carried on with
our performance, starting with
Death of
(from music for the Olivier film
version of
Henry V
) by William Walton,
which no doubt set emotions running in
the audience, following the cellos’
beautiful, lyrical melody towards the end.
We continued our programme with
by Geoffrey Bush (a popular piece
amongst the orchestra) and ended with a
performance of the first movement of
. Chamber Orchestra
would like to thank Dr Harrison for all his
hard work and Mr DeMott and Mrs Man
for coming to support us. The concert was
a huge success and we helped to raise
over £1,500 for a great cause.
Natalie Yang 12 ASH
N 8 FEbruAry the biennial House Music
Competition took place. After one and a half
months of intense rehearsals and fights over music
stands, the competition came both too soon and not soon
by January the realisation that our houses’ performances
relied heavily on the organisation of a few sixth formers
had sunk in and we began choosing music and scheduling
rehearsals. We soon felt the weight of responsibility as all
the teaching and shepherding of juniors was left to us.
However, all the tiring lunchtimes and frantic additional
practices paid off as each house gave an excellent
performance that evening.
The first half saw the performances of Wyatt, Dolbé and
Latymer houses. All three houses presented diverse and
engaging pieces ranging from Albinoni’s
Violin Concerto in
(Dolbé) to
Feeling Good
(Wyatt). There were further
demonstrations of impressive harmonies from both
Latymer’s choirs.
After a panicky interval of last minute preparations,
Lamb House began the second half with a movement from
Peer Gynt Suite
. This was followed by Keats’
performance, including a memorable recorder ensemble
and Ashworth’s energetic
Syncopated Clock
by Leroy
House Music was an opportunity for students to conduct
for the first time and engage with music from a different
perspective, though everyone was thoroughly exhausted
the day after! Adjudicator Jon Cullen congratulated the 500
or so performers on an excellent evening’s music and gave
the final result: first Lamb, second Keats, third Ashworth,
fourth Latymer, fifth Dolbé and sixth Wyatt.
Shahnaz Ford and Leo Collins 12 Lamb
House Music Competition
1,2,3 5,6,7,8