May 2012
like to be a bit scared by
the book you’re reading? Many
young people would answer
“yes”, as horror novels continue to be
very popular. This year we marked
World Book Day on 1 March by inviting
up and coming author James Dawson to
talk about his novel
Hollow Pike
James spoke to year 8 and then year
9 in the seward studio. He talked about
his love of horror stories, his
experiences at school, including being
bullied, and the determination required
to become a published writer.
One student asked, “With so many
horror novels being published, why
write another one?”
James replied that his experiences
had made him appreciate the
importance of true friendship and he
hadn’t seen that reflected in many
teenage novels. The four friends in the
novel were based on his own friendship
group, who had helped him gain
confidence and enjoy life again after
he’d been bullied.
so the book had different strands
with horror, detective and true life
experiences woven together.
James signed books and talked to
students at break time in the small Hall.
We wish him every success with
and future books. We hope his visit
will have inspired students to write
reviews, stories and novels themselves.
Miranda McAllister
Visit by James Dawson
Author of
Hollow Pike
serena sOLanKI
in year 12 has been awarded a prestigious
arkwright scholarship for her outstanding work in Design and
Technology. The scholarships support young people who show
the potential to be industry’s future leaders in engineering and
Design during their sixth form studies. serena’s scholarship is
sponsored by The simon Gibson Chartable Trust and was
presented by emeritus Professor John Burland CBe Dsc(eng)
Freng Frs, Imperial College, London.
scholars are selected following a rigorous selection process
comprising a detailed application form, a two-hour aptitude
paper and an interview. The interviews are held at the top
engineering universities across Britain. During interview, serena
presented her GCse Textiles Design project work to a panel of
interviewers and discussed her commitment to Design,
engineering and Technology.
The arkwright scholarships Trust this year celebrates its
20th year of scholarship awards – the first five scholarships
were awarded in 1991. arkwright supports young people
during their a-level years by awarding £300 a year to assist
with the purchase of materials and books. serena will also
carry the status of ‘arkwright scholar’ into university.
The school’s Design and Technology department received
£200 per year for the next two years and plans to use these
extra funds to buy a specific piece of equipment. Last year
Latymer had three scholars and used the school’s fund to buy
the hotwire cutter.
Jane Dadswell
Serena gains a prestigious
Engineering scholarship
Above: James Dawson (seated) with Will Brotherston, head of KS3 English,
Miranda McAllister and some students at the book signing
Serena Solanki (right) with Arlene McConnell, who won the
Institution of Engineering and Technology Young Woman
Engineer Award of 2011
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