2 Latymer
May 2012
From the head
Student leadership
e HaVe
one of our
school aims
the following:
3. To help pupils develop the ambition
and self-esteem to realise their full
There are many ways in which we try
to do this. In lessons students’ intellects
are challenged; they are ‘stretched’.
Occasionally at the end of a 100% test
response I write “perfect” but more
usually teachers give aspects for
improvement as well as affirming good
work that has been done. We like
students to be ambitious in their oral
contributions, their writing and their
practical work in creative subjects. a
proper degree of self-esteem is vital to
acknowledge one’s own skills without
denigrating another’s and to be
appropriately confident as examinations
But, as I write at the end of the spring
term, some particular events in this half-
term spring to mind where students
demonstrated ambition and self-esteem
through the extra-curricular programme.
Pop, Jazz and All That
evening has
been a feature of the school calendar for
many years. Music and Campaign staff
share responsibility for it – it is a fund-
raiser. students audition and perform in
public to a large adult audience. sixth
form students host the evening, where
the complete range of ages in the school
is represented from years 7 to 13.
Unusually this year, the same group of
students organised the event as last year
and it was, arguably, the best ever. One
can see that group of students organising
even larger scale functions when they
have left school.
some of the same acts were seen at
the entirely student-organised
Got Talent
show. again this was a fund-
raiser, this time for a local hospice. a
group of year 12 students took complete
responsibility for publicity, auditioning and
selecting acts, ticket sales, sound and
light, sound equipment, recruiting of
judges, front of house and backstage on
the night and, crucially in the public
spotlight, being the comperes. This was a
superb evening that raised several
hundred pounds.
The event longest in preparation, which
gave opportunities for highly ambitious,
confident, students was a
Very Potter
. Two year 12 students enquired if
any students would like to put on a
musical. They were inundated with those
wishing to take part and over a period of
many weeks sourced the scripts, props
and costumes, acquired the relevant
permissions, organised and led rehearsals,
publicised the event, recruited the sound
and light team, managed front of house
and backstage and filled the 180-seat
studio with an audience of students, staff,
parents and visitors for a most enjoyable
production. In all, 45 students took part in
the production. To achieve this
demonstrates astonishing leadership from
students; it was a highly ambitious
production, which brought much credit
and public acclaim to all involved.
Mark Garbett
of Latymer’s students, having been raised with
from the knee, were exuberant to hear that its author
Francesca simon was to be speaking at the school awards
Ceremony. as a parent of an ex-student and a distinguished
author and journalist, Ms simon was a highly anticipated
as well as anecdotes regarding the writing of her
phenomenally best selling children’s books, Ms simon told a
rapt audience about her studies at yale and Oxford as well as
giving an impassioned defence of non-vocational degrees.
Having herself majored in medieval studies, she informed us
of the importance she had perceived in studying and working
on something you truly enjoy. The eloquent and engaging
speech was very much the highlight of the evening.
It was a pleasure also to invite the deputy mayor of
enfield, Councillor Kate analoue, to share in the proceedings
and present some of the prizes.
Thank you to all the students who returned from
university for the event, some of whom had to go back the
following day. special thanks also to asagi nakata for a
spectacular recital of a piece by Franz Liszt, and to Ms Daly
for the immense amount of administration involved. Finally,
thank you to all the parents who attended and the aPFLs
members who provided refreshments for the reception
Leo Bentley
Head boy
We like students
to be ambitious in
their oral contributions,
their writing and
their practical work
Above (left to right): head boy Leo Bentley, guest speaker
Francesca Simon, and head girl Abbie Brown
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