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Edmonton hosted the Foundation
Campaign's annual dinner ai the House
of Lords, a wonderful occasion that
paid tribute to The Latymer School.
Guests heartily sang the school song
accompanied by rhe Latymer String
Quartet and headteacher Mr Garbett
ceremoniously cut a huge cake iced
wiih the school crest in blue. white and
gold. We were delighied to receive good
wishes from former headteachersand
relatives of Trefor Jones (headteacher
1957 - r 97O) .
After dinner speaker George
Alagiah, BBC newsreader,ex-pareni
and patron, was an enormous success
and entertained guests with fascinating
stories, giving a behind the scenes look
into ihe life of a special correspondent
from around ihe world's war zones and
the rather different challengespresented
in the studio. George also spoke about
hi: specialrelationshipwith Latymer
and added his congratulations to
Latymer and jts long. proud hislory.
Niki Aresti
ltift, r.i"',f"
At the House of Lords, clockwise from
top left: George and Frances Alagiah
with ex-Latymerian Monica Woodstock;
Mark Garbett and Bill Gloyn, ex parent
and great supporter of the school; Lord
Graham of Edmonton
i . ,
100years on
Haselbury Road
N FRIDAY24 September,The
LatymerSchoolcelebrated 100
yedrson ils presenl silein
HaselburyRoad. On a cold. damp day
studenis.teachersand support siaff
stood together proudly for the first ever
whole school photograph. the zenith of
the 2010 celebrations.
Later that day. Lord Graham o{
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