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poorest of the poor, strong supporters of the Jacob-
ins’ radical views). However, Robespierre stayed in a
position of power due to his influence in the Jacobin
Club. On the 20th of September 1792, the National
Convention was formed as the new governing body
of France, and he was elected to be the first deputy
for Paris in it. At loggerheads with each other were
the Jacobins and the Girondins, who argued over
who should receive the power and where it should
come from. While the Jacobins believed it should
be given to the peasants and the poor, the Gironde
club members believed that it belonged to the
bourgeoisie. However, their arguments were put to
one side when the concept of a monarchical con-
stitution was dissolved following the trial of King
Louis who was accused of betraying his country. He
had apparently been encouraging the Prussians to
invade France and restore it to its pre-revolution
state . Louis was executed on the 21st of January
1793, an act supported strongly by Robespierre
and his fellow Jacobins. After this, the accusations
and anger of Robespierre and his fellow Jacobins
were turned onto the Girondins. The power the club
once had was dissolved and they were effectively
exiled after failed military actions against foreign
countries was blamed on them. The Jacobins, who
effectively now ruled the country, decided to set up
The Committee of Public Safety, which Robespierre
became a member of. It was tasked with the pro-
tection of the people of the republic of France while
dealing with the threats posed by the civil unrest
in both the south and the west of France, as well
as the invading forces of most of Europe that were
fighting to oppress the revolution.
Paranoia was evident in France. The country
was in political and economic chaos in the after-
math of the turn of the revolution and people were
restless. They hadn’t been given the freedom and
rights they had been promised. In fact, they would
soon discover that Robespierre and his Committee
of Public Safety would decide to put the Rights of
Man ‘on hold’ as they began what would later be
known as The Reign of Terror.
“To punish the oppressors of
humanity is clemency; to for-
give them is cruelty”
“ All the tyrants encircle you;
within, all tyranny's friends
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