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nationalities and cultures and eventually Italians
and Italian-Americans were starting to have the
same equal job opportunities as everyone else. This
meant that they no longer had to consider a life of
crime in the Mafia. Also, due to the improvement of
government surveillance, politics and business cor-
porations were becoming less corrupt. This made
it a lot harder for the Mafia to infiltrate businesses
and their influence on people was becoming more
and more insignificant. This shows that the newly
changing world caused the American Mafia to be-
come stuck in the past, unable to strive in the new
The American Mafia’s decline was due to many
reasons. The government played a key role by
enforcing the RICO act and introducing the use of
wiretapping and undercover work. The idea that
the changing world caused the mafia to lose its
importance is very significant too as it shows that
all things do come to an end and the mafia is no
exception. However, ultimately, the main turning
point of the mafia’s reign and the reason why its
importance, power and reputation declined was the
Apalachin affair. This was an essential event as it
confirmed the existence of the American Mafia to
the government. If ‘Joe the Barber’s’ estate was not
raided that night, the Mafia could have carried on
creating a criminal network completely under the
radar. Even though it is likely that they would have
been discovered a few years or decades later, this
may have put a delay on all events and potential
turning points occurring after it, and things may
have turned out differently for the American Mafia.
Sam Sherrington 11D
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