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may have led to the allied prosecution being more
conservative with their accusations as they knew
they could be accused of similar crimes.
Despite the controversial nature of the
NurembergTrials, they allowed for people to feel
justice had been done for the atrocities commit-
ted. They were also the first step towards a great-
er number of international courts and a better
enforcement of human rights and humanitarian
treatment across the globe in both times of peace
and war. I believe the greatest challenge for the
prosecution was having to define the crimes the
Nazis had committed as they had to be both gen-
eral, in order to remain plausible as international
laws and specific enough to ensure convictions.
The challenges regarding national law, compliance
with international bodies, clarity of laws of war,
sufficient evidence to prosecute induviduals and
broader political will still exist today as shown by
the relative lack of prosecutions compared with the
number of violations of these laws. However they
are not obsolete, as shown by the recent successful
prosecution of Ratko Mladić for war crimes, crimes
against humanity and genocide committed be-
tween 1991 and 1995 during the collapse of former
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