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barring a few highly confidential documents, was
released this year. The report became the subject
of much debate, there were many discrepancies
found in the report and many holes and information
omitted which encouraged the conspiracy theorists
eager to use this as proof that something was being
hidden from the public. Although the fault here can
be credited to theWarren commission for being too
overly eager to prove Oswald was the lone perpe-
trator and by only entertaining this succeeded in
making it look more suspicious, the main bulk of
the blame lies with the CIA. According to a report
by the CIA chief historian David Robarge released
in 2014, the CIA director McCone was “complicit”
in a CIA “benign cover-up” by withholding infor-
mation from theWarren commission, CIA officers
were instructed to give only “passive, reactive and
selective assistance” to the warren commission,
encouraging them to pursue only "what the Agency
believed at the time was the ‘best truth’ — that Lee
Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives,
had acted alone in killing John Kennedy." Other in-
formation withheld included CIA plots from around
the time, notably CIA links with the mafia, to as-
sassinate Cuban president Fidel Castro. This may
have been considered to provide motive for the
assassination and the CIA decided not to disclose
this information along with many other details of
the time that may have put them in an uncomfort-
able position. The report concluded "In the long
term, the decision of John McCone and Agency
leaders in 1964 not to disclose information about
CIA's anti-Castro schemes might have done more to
undermine the credibility of the commission than
anything else that happened while it was conduct-
ing its investigation."
In conclusion, although it is the less sensa-
tionalist stance, the evidence unearthed and the
criminal profiles of both Oswald and Ruby clearly
point to an assassination that went unaided by
conspiracy. Furthermore it seems unlikely that the
Soviets or the Cubans would have wanted this out-
come, the USA being at the time a much more ad-
vanced superpower, despite this it is not too much
of a leap to look at the events from the perspective
of conspiracy this is one of the rare historical events
where either side could seemmore likely.
Hanne Dearden-Hellawell 12LB
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