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another ‘ordinary’ man with no ties to the previous
would be able to kill him while in custody with one
shot. That these two circumstances are isolated
cases not part of a grander scheme seems almost
ridiculous but can it be true?
Over the years there has been a myriad
of different theories and opinions concerning the
‘true’ events of that day, however from this confu-
sion two sides are clear; those who believe it was
a conspiracy and those who do not. Of the former,
discarding the lesser details, there is a general
consensus surrounding the perpetrators; it was
the result of a plot formulated by Russia and/or
Cuba to remove their biggest opponent. It is clear
on taking one superficial glance at the evidence as
to why this theory is accepted by so many. First of
all a brief description of Oswald; he was an ex US
soldier with communist beliefs, he even claimed
to be a Marxist and had lived in Russia for several
years having brought back with him a Russian wife.
Furthermore he was known to the CIA prior to the
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