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The 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy
shocked the world, the events of that day would be
the fascination of historians and conspiracy theo-
rists for years to come. Hundreds and thousands
of documents around the events were collected by
the CIA of which 99% have been released to the
public, and now 50 years later Trump has agreed to
the release of the last 30,000 files that have been
kept classified despite CIA objection making this yet
again a topical subject.
Looking at the events from a contextual per-
spective, it is understandable that the first conclu-
sion reached by over 60% of the US population was
a conspiracy theory, in fact it was the first thought
of Jackie Kennedy as she ran from the car scream-
ing ;’my god they’ve killed him’. It is not perverse
to assume that the assassination was the work of a
large network of organised crime or even an inside
job. This all sounds more likely than the story that
one unstable man with a gun managed to kill one of
the most powerful and loved men on earth, nor that
The Assassination of
John F. Kennedy:
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