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at that time was not too far from subsistence living
due to the array of complications that could arise,
expatiates on nature or peculiar hypotheticals, and
even the exact monetary sanctions depending on
one's extent of deception in court. However, many
capital offences are still requited with capital pun-
ishments as to be expected, as with the first decree
of murder. Unfortunately, the enhanced stringency
and system applied led to further dehumanisation
of the law, with fewer cases being examined for of-
fenders' degrees of fault, but whether they tick any
legislative 'boxes'. The judiciary merely judged any
evidence and the actual crime committed, compa-
rable with the modern system (both implying that
the codification, in particular, had this effect, and
that the idea proved efficacious). There was now
a true constant to abide by in the law, rather than
simple adherence to decency. This itself admitted
a new, perhaps undesirable factor into legislation,
the miscarriage of justice, a persevering issue even
today. Nevertheless one must note on the calcula-
tion and generosity of the law code in its nature of
punishment, rarely receding to execution and even
practising perhaps the original format of presump-
tion of innocence and in-court crimes. Automated
but with morality still lingering, Ur-Nammu was
soon imitated by Hammurabi, leading to the signa-
ture of archaic barbarity.
346 years later, Babylon inducted its sixth
king Hammurabi, ruling for 42 years from 1792BC
to 1750BC in the ancient Mesopotamian area. Under
his reign, a code of law was established which is
still renowned for its brutal but efficacious nature,
the Code of Hammurabi. The effect of legislative
codification is apparent, as the total aggregate of
The Code of Ur-Nammu, circa 2100-1050 BC, found
in Nippur and Sippar, Sumer, now modern-day
Southern Iraq
The Code of Hammurabi, circa 1754 BC, found in
Susa, Elam, now modern-day South-Western Iraq
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