CLIO FINAL - page 6

The ‘Scramble for Africa’ between 1881 and
1914 saw the continent of Africa divided between
European powers and the US who sought to benefit
economically from the so- called ‘dark continent’.
The industrialisation of Europe and America had
brought a huge increase in the need for raw materi-
als and hence offered the potential of profit for those
who owned their means of production. Of course,
the disregard for Africans and their cultures and
religions as Europeans took control of the majori-
ty of the continent was difficult to justify by purely
economic motives. It was in the interests of colonials
to believe that they acted with the blessing of God
to ‘civilise’ what they thought to be the savage and
underdeveloped tribes of Africa. Without a sense of
their own superiority, stemming from beliefs that
Christianity was a more advanced and refined reli-
gion, it would have been impossible to justify mis-
was used
to justify
for Africa'
“The light of Heaven
shines upon us”
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