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Dear readers,
Welcome to the 6th edition of Clio: Latymer’s very own history magazine!
This edition our writers have used their analytical skills to consider religion from a historical per-
spective. This has included examining the development of various religious beliefs, the influence
religious groups and individuals have had on history and the way in which the two topics inter-
relate. It is a testament to our writers’ efforts and research that they explore a range of historical
areas and maintain such a high level of analysis.
Thanks again to all writers and editors, to Mr Brice for chasing both, and to ChloeWong for all her
time spent designing and compiling this edition.
We hope you enjoy reading our magazine and that you learn something interesting!
Your editors,
Raffaella Culora, Ellena Dracou and Molly Foster
(aka the Triumvirate)
Editors’ Letter
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