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They say that it takes compassion for humanity, love for the country and a strong pursuit of jus-
tice and mercy to become a strong and respected leader. However, every once in a while there are politi-
cians that decide to use aggression, force and who do not care for the value of life as much as they do for
achieving their selfish motives of domination, power, and immortality.
10 Of History’s Deadliest Dictators
Ismail Enver Pasha
Of the many dictators that have killed in the quest for
power, perhaps Ismail Enver Pasha was the most unique. Be-
coming the leader of theYoungTurk Revolution, he gained
his power through the Ottoman Empire duringWorldWar
I and the BalkanWar. Despite his experience on the battle-
field, he wasn’t as skilled when it came to leading an army as
he lost battle after battle. What’s even worse is that he killed
over 1.5 million Armenians and over 1 million people of other
races as a compensation for his shameful loss in Sarikamish.
Omar al-Bashir
As President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir was the ruler that
negotiated the end of the Sudanese Civil War by giving
in to the requests of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.
Although what he did was considered to be fair and noble,
the agreement directly led to wars in Darfur that claimed the
lives of about 400,000 people due to violence and starva-
tion. He valued the rights of the Islamic North more than the
predominant Christian South.
Pol Pot
As the communist leader of Cambodia, Pol Pot had envi-
sioned a country that would be equal by any means. Thus
he developed the proposal of sending citizens living in the
city to live and labour on farmland, and sending agricul-
tural labourers to live in the city. As expected, he did not
get the results he desired. Instead, he resorted to punish-
ing people and depriving them of their right to education,
medication, and nutrition. He went on to execute about
2.5 million who were not following his ideals.
Yahya Khan
General Agha MohammadYahya Khan was very active dur-
ing the SecondWorldWar and became the third President of
Pakistan. He instituted martial law and ruthlessly led a war
against Eastern Pakistan. His policies left millions dead.
Nicholas II
Anti-Semitic, idealistic, and very violent, “Bloody
Nicholas”, as he was sometimes called, cost Russia
approximately 3 million lives.
Hideki Tojo
When assigned to be general in the Imperial Japa-
nese Army, Hideki Tojo was not satisfied with his
position. Therefore he also adopted positions, such
as Prime Minister, Army Minister, Home Minister,
Foreign Minister, Education Minister, and Com-
merce Minister! He also made connections with the
Nazis hoping that he would rise to power alongside
Hitler. Due to his relentless acts of attacking other
Asian countries, he was directly responsible for the
deaths of over 5 million individuals.
Joseph Stalin
After the death of Lenin in 1924, Joseph Stalin be-
came leader of the Soviet Union and launched gov-
ernment programs that would make the country and
his ‘satellite states’ more progressive. He attempted
to build a thriving economy, and also intended to
create a fully communist union. This led to the star-
vation of nearly 10 million people. With many intel-
lectuals and activists not in favour of his leadership,
Stalin also launched the “Great Purge”, killing every
person who opposed him and his ideals.
Leopold II
As a colonial leader of Belgium, Leopold II was
famous for essentially enslaving and killing nearly 15
million Congolese under the guise of his Congo Free
State. Other European powers had granted him ter-
ritory in order to improve the lives of its inhabitants.
Instead he used them for his own personal gain and
committed some of the worst atrocities in history,
such as colonising Congo: he enslaved, exploited
and killing more than 10 million of its people, turn-
ing the entire country into his own personal slave
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