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then mutilated. Those found being sworn into the Mau Mau
within camp were publicly hanged by colonial authorities, in
order to clamp down on activity within the camps. Torture
was also a regular feature of these detention camps, with
most detainees experiencing extreme physical violence,
including beatings, sexual violence, castration The effects
of which were worsened by many being denied access to
medical facilities.
Although the British forces eventually supressed the Mau
Mau rebellion, they did so at an enormous cost. As well as the
enormous damage they had inflicted on the people of Kenya,
the rebellion cost the British authorities over £55 million.
Kenya gained its independence in 1963, and was led by Jomo
Kenyatta. The British government is only now beginning to
take responsibility for the horror of the Mau Mau rebellion,
in 2013 paying out £19.9m to compensate for the torture
inflicted on now elderly Kenyans in the uprising. This action
has provided a precedent for the punishment of colonial
powers for the horrors they committed within their occupied
countries. In our classrooms we learn about the unspeakable
acts committed within the Holocaust and learn to condemn
such atrocities. However, I think it is equally important to
remember, and thus prevent the repetition of, the wrongs
committed by our own country, such as in the Mau Mau
camps which were once described by a judge as “Kenya's
Propaganda poster distributed by
the British during the war
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