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Queen Victoria
June 1837 - 22nd January 1901
Queen Victoria redefined monarchy and leadership. Unlike many monarchs of the time, she
was able to change people’s views in favour of her, mainly with the growth and sustainment of
the British Empire. This was accompanied by her long and stable reign, which oversaw great
advancements in both technology and living standards. It was during Queen Victoria’s reign
that England began to change the world.
Prime Minister Lord Melbourne helped Queen Victoria be successful as a young monarch and
defended her against those he who felt she was unsuitable.
By the end of Queen Victoria’s reign, the British Empire covered over one fifth of the earth’s
surface. Victoria was Empress of India as well as Queen of Britain. The early relationship
between Britain and India was based on trade. As the East India Company expanded, its
political control increased. The Company introduced many raw materials to the Uk, such
as tea, jute (a vegetable fibre) and rubber, essential to Britain’s development as an economic
powerhouse. The importance of cross-empire trade grew during the time of the British Raj
in Idea, and was vital to Britain’s rapid industrialisation. Trade with the Empire helped make
Britain rich. Many families emigrated to new homes in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
and Canada and children were taught about the Empire at school.
The number of people living in Britain more than doubled, causing a huge demand for food,
clothes and housing. Factories and machines were built to meet this demand and new towns
grew up, changing the landscape and the way people lived and worked. Railways (originally
built to transport goods) meant people could travel easily around the country for the first
By the end of her reign, Britain was the most powerful country in the world, with the largest
Empire that had ever existed, ruling a quarter of the world’s population. Victoria’s 63 years
revolutionised the world, creating a powerful legacy.
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