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profiling changed everything:
In 1987, Florida’s Assistant State’s Attorney, Tim Berry began
collaborating with forensic director Michael Baird to determine how
DNA could be used in identification. After a serial rapist terrorized
23 women in Orlando, Tommie Lee Andrews was caught by two
fingerprints left on a victim’s window, identification by a victim in
a line-up, and because the same blood type was left at each scene.
After two retrials, during which time Baird had been both
meticulously processing the DNA evidence and Barry preparing
compelling legal briefs, in the final trial Andrews guilt was proven
by his DNA ,as genetic profiling was admitted for the first time,
which set an important legal precedence.
Justice was served; a danger to society faced the consequences
of his actions and was punished and his surviving victims
could go to sleep at night in peace knowing that he would not
strike again. This is only one example of how influential this
innovation has been and many more lives have been touched
by this invention. Because of its far reach and its impact on
society even to this day I believe that this is one invention
and inventor that should be acknowledged by all.
Another major invention that needs acknowledgment is the
creation of the World Wide Web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee
in 1989, while he was trying to find a new way for scientists
to easily share the data from their experiments. Hypertext
and the internet already existed at this point but no one had
thought of a way to use the internet to link one document
directly to another. This invention was vital as it opened up
the internet to everyone, not just scientists and connected the
world in a way that was not possible before and made it much
easier for people to get information, share and communicate.
Many people think that the internet and the World Wide
Web are the same thing. While they are closely linked, they
are very different systems. The internet is a huge network
of computers all connected together. The World Wide Web
(‘www’ or ‘web’ for short) is a collection of webpages found
on this network of computers. Your web browser uses the
internet to access the web. So when you get home from
school and go on the internet, you are actually looking at
some of the World Wide Web
The web allowed people to share their work and thoughts
through social networking sites, blogs and video sharing. To
judge the significance of something one must consider the
long term effects of it and the range in which it spreads to.
The web is still changing today. Search engines have become
better at reading, understanding and processing information.
They have found clever ways to find the content we want
and can even show us other things that might interest us,
‘US’ meaning people all over the globe. In this day and age
it would seem unfathomable to even comprehend a world in
which this did not exist even though it has only been around
for quite a short period of time. The impact it has made
should allow even greater things to come from it and more
history to be made.
So, when acknowledging the inventor one must acknowledge
where he or she came from, which plays an important
role in their lives. Being from the same country there is a
sense of kinship and so through this we take pride in their
achievements as if they were our own, much like the feeling
one gets when your team scores. Although in this article
there are only two inventions mentioned, I hope that the
pure scale of them will encourage you to find out more on
how your fellow countrymen and women have changed the
world, for the better.
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