Clio Edition 4 - page 2

Dear Readers,
Welcome to Clio, Latymer's very own History magazine; researched,
written, and edited by the school's resident historians.
The fourth issue of the magazine considers British influence on the
course of history. Looking inward, Britain's development as a nation
offers up a path both of triumph and tumult; looking outward, her
projection on an international basis has exerted influence through
the languages of War, Empire, even language itself.
Once again our writers have brought forth a plethora of fascinating
and analytical content from all corners of history. A customary
thanks to Polly for her impeccable organisation and enthusiasm, and
to Sam, Conor and Miles for designing and compiling the issue.
Your Editors
Flo Beswick
Polly Holmes
Robert Johnson
Joe Levy-Brown
Tilly Stables
Daniel Weir
Editor’s Letter
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