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Whitworth also took a keen interest in engineering education
and set up 30 scholarships throughout his lifetime at what
are now the University of Manchester and the University of
Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). In
1868, he wrote to the Prime Minster of the time, Benjamin
Disraeli, saying that the scholarships were intended to
“encourage students to combine practice with theory, and
artisans to combine theory with perfection in workmanship”. It
was through his persistence that it became customary for boys
to learn the correct use of tools from the beginning of their
In 1874, Whitworth converted his extensive works into a
company, entitled ‘Joseph Whitworth and Co’. Following
machine from 1871
The whitworth rifle was found to be superior
to the Lee Enfield in every way, but was four
times more expensive to produce so was not
adopted by the British Army
his death in 1887, the company merged with ‘Armstrong,
Mitchell and Co’ to form ‘Armstrong Whitworth’ – a British
manufacturing leader, which now fronts this legacy.
By Ellena Dracou
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