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Clowning around
in church
Usually one would not recommend behaving in a silly
or immature manner in church; however, since 1959 the
Holy Trinity has been the church of London’s Clowns.
The church contains many exhibits such as stamps,
cartoons and tributes along with several clown portraits
painted on porcelain eggs; a faithful representation of
the trademark make-up worn by each clown. The main
exhibit is a stain-glass window depicting scenes of the
godfather of all jesters, Joseph Grimaldi’s life (1778-
On the first Sunday in February the church comes to
life, when clowns from across London come to the
annual clown service dressed in full outfits, blowing
bubbles, honking horns and some even come wearing
stilts. Apparently one popular hymn at the Holy Trinity
is:”when we are tempted in our pride to dizzy heights
of sin, beneath our feet, oh Lord, provide a ripe banana
For those interested in visiting the church, its doors
are open to visitors from noon-5pm on the first Friday
of every month but expect to be guided by a clown,
accompanied by a tinkling soundtrack of fairground
tunes. For those who find clowns a bit scary, I would not
recommend visiting, since quite frankly, it scares the life
out of me.
By Jonas Lockett Klein
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