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George II was born on the 9th of November
1683. He was the son of George Louis
(later to become George I) and his wife
Sophia Dorothea of Celle. He was born
in Hanover, which meant he was the last
King of Great Britain to have been born
and raised outside of Britain. In 1714, his
father was crowned king, which led him
to becoming the Prince of Wales. The
relationship between father and son was
very troubled, especially because George II
soon became a part of, and hosted a rival
court, for his father’s government, the
Whig Group.
Under George II’s ruling, Britain was a part
of many battles. One of the main battles in
which Britain played a role in was the ‘War
of the Austrian Succession’, which started
because of the European dispute over the
death of the Holy Roman Emperor in
1740. In 1743, King George II led soldiers
into battle against the French, making him
the last British monarch to have engaged
in conflict.
George Augustus died in 1760, aged 76.
At the time, he had lived longer than any
other monarchs before him. His eldest
son, Frederick, Prince of Wales, had died
nine years before him, so his successor was
his grandson, George III.
Louisa Owen
Name: George Augustus
Date of birth/death: 9th November 1683- 25th October
1760 (aged 76)
Reign: 22nd June 1727- 25th October 1760 (33 years)
Wife: Princess Caroline of Ansbach (Bavaria)
Titles: King of Great Britain and Ireland and Elector of
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