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It is generally accepted that over 10,000
surrendered soldiers and civilians were
killed during the day and night after
the fall of Jerusalem. Although they
achieved stunning victories against near
insurmountable odds, the Crusaders’
achievement will forever be overshadowed
by that final, terrible act of the campaign.
What makes it even worse was that the
perpetrators of the massacre believed that
they were doing the work of their God.
The acts of slaughter were intermingled
with acts of worship.
The first Crusaders were neither the first
nor the last to use religion as an excuse for
committing terrible crimes. By calling the
Muslims ‘A people alien to God’, Urban II
highlighted and widened a divide between
the Christian Crusaders and the Muslims
they encountered. This paved the way for
the Crusaders feeling they could massacre
innocents at Jerusalem. Throughout
history, religious doctrine has always been
interpreted as a cause for conflict with
those who have different beliefs. As long
as this continues, terrible crimes which
recall the sack of Jerusalem will continue
to occur.
By Joe Levy Brown
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