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Original layout of the ‘The
Facebook’, 2004
hired David Newman, a
software developer to tutor
his son. Zuckerberg often
demonstrated his skills by
building software programs;
the first of which was called
'ZuckNet', which allowed all
the computers between the
house and his father's dentist
office to be linked and share
information. Growing up,
Zuckerberg used his skills
not only to help for himself
but also his friends and his
three sisters.
While still in high school,
Zuckerberg created a media
player called 'Synapse',
which used artificial
intelligence to 'guess' which
songs the user wanted to
listen to and subsequently
made these into a playlist.
Both Microsoft and AOL
(America Online) became
interesting in the media
player and asked to buy it,
but Mark Zuckerberg refused
and rejected their
cooperation. At Harvard
University, he created a
number of programs, which
include Coursematch
(helping unsure students to
pick their subjects based on
a list of courses) and
Facemash. Having
The Social Network
which is based on Mark
Zuckerberg's journey to
fame and the creation of
Facebook, I am especially
interested in a website called
'FaceMash'. Suffering from
insomnia, Zuckerberg
decided to hack the Harvard
database (an interesting,
though not completely
appropriate way of stopping
yourself from getting bored!)
to gain photos of students,
mostly female. He used
photos of these girls to
create a website where
students could vote which
girl they found more
attractive. These would then
lead to ratings. Unfortunately
for Zuckerberg, the site
gained so much fame that
eventually, the entire server
crashed. Zuckerberg was
asked before the school
committee and 'told off' for
hacking the university's
network for the photos.
Zuckerberg's next, and most
famous, success was
Facebook, which he founded
with Dustin Moskovitz,
Eduardo Saverin, Andrew
McCollum and Chris Hughes.
However, with all successes
come challenges. As
Zuckerberg says in
Social Network
, "You don't
get to 500 million friends
without making a few
enemies". The problem was
that Zuckerberg had indeed
been approached earlier by
three young men, with whom
he had already agreed to
work with. Eventually, he
decided not to work with
them, but mysteriously he
came up with the idea of a
social network, originally
called 'thefacebook'. As can
be expected, Divya Narendra
and twins Cameron Tyler
Winklevoss decided to take
Zuckerberg to court, where
they agreed to a deal.
I think that Mark Zuckerberg
is a very interesting
individual, and has led a
fascinating life so far, despite
being only 30.He married
Priscilla Chan in May in 2012.
It's very brave of him to
change his religion- although
he grew up as a Jew, he
decided to turn atheist when
he was older. I think that we
should expect even more
from Zuckerberg in the
future, especially considering
how quickly the Oculus Rift is
developing and the fact that
Facebook has invested $2
billion into the modern
gaming console. Generally,
Facebook has changed the
lives of many people.
Facebook has 1.35 billion
users, which is 19% of the
world's entire population! It
is available in more than 70
languages. I know that
Facebook has certainly
changed my life. Although I
don't count myself as
'addicted' to Facebook, I
know that when I have
nothing to do I can look
through my page to find a
funny anecdote. Modern
inventions like phones and
internet have changed the
world entirely and keep on
doing so.
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