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Most people have heard of
Mark Zuckerberg- whether
it's from his link to Facebook,
or his almost unimaginable
wealth. So how did a 30 year
old man develop in order to
gain a self-made net worth of
34.5 billion dollars? I'm sure
that many people are
intrigued, and so was I.
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was
born in White Plains, in New
York, on the 14th May in
1984 (for those of you
wondering, this means his
zodiac sign is a Taurus and
he was born in the Chinese
year of the rat!). He is a
computer programmer, and
studied at the Phillips Exeter
Academy, as well as
attending Harvard University,
although he dropped out in
his sophomore year. Ever
since he was a teenager,
Zuckerberg was a genius at
programming. He first got
the chance to use a
computer and explore
programming during middle
school. Computers in 1996
were, as is to be expected,
not the as sophisticated as
they are today. However,
they were revolutionary at
the time. Zuckerberg's father
taught him Atari BASIC
Programming and
By Marta Soltys- Year 9
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