The Latymer School History Magazine - page 31

It is hard to believe that one
person can achieve so much
in such a short life, but from
his birth in 356 BC to his
untimely death at the tender
age of just 32 in 323 BC,
Alexander the Great had
conquered most of the
known world. His empire
stretched from Macedonia in
the west, through Greece
and Turkey into Asia and all
the way across to India in the
East, from Egypt in the south,
where he was made Pharaoh
in 331 BC, up to Afghanistan
at its northern most point. In
fact, most of this Empire was
made in the 12 years of his
reign between the
assassination of his father,
King Phillip II of Macedonia,
and his own death in
Babylon. However,
somewhat more astounding
is the fact that this was not
enough for him, for there
were several campaigns
planned for the expansion of
his Empire, including an
invasion into Arabia, which
Alexander had planned but
was unable to
By Dominic Hogan Year -12
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