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Identity card of Tema
Sznajdermann in the name of
Wanda Majewska, issued in
Krakow, May 14, 1942.
and alert authorities or the
originally altruistic homes
would revoke their offer last-
minute – all possibilities had
to be calculated and
resolved in advance.
Nevertheless, despite the
great skills and previous luck
which accompanied the
their mortality still
remained high, and although
all of them had accepted the
risk of death from the very
moment they volunteered for
this role, their complete
devotion even when facing
death deserves uttermost
respect. Martyrs like Lonka
Kozibrodska (under
pseudonym Krystyna
Kossowska) who was caught
smuggling four pistols into
Warsaw was arrested and
tortured for information, but
she did not break and was,
as a matter of fact, trialled
and sent to Auschwitz as a
Pole, suspected to be
involved in the Polish
resistance but her Jewish
identity was never revealed.
Even in pure anguish and
pain, she never put anyone
else besides herself at risk
and contributed to the
continuation of the
services which,
throughout the whole
duration of the holocaust,
were never exposed.
Ultimately, the
formed a vital force for the
Jewish resistance during the
Holocaust as it is difficult to
imagine their efficiency and
success without them. The
young women of the
not only
functioned as practical
initiators, but also acted as a
symbol of hope
demonstrating their
exceptional loyalty towards
their movements, and to
their people. Despite facing
life-threatening dangers
every time they embarked on
their missions on which a
slight mistake would
diminish their façade, they
never left defeated and kept
their courage, intuition and
nerves of steel. They are
icons of heroism, challenging
inherent stereotypes: the
pure victimisation of Jews
during the Holocaust and the
significance of women
during the Jewish resistance.
Consequently, the story of
should under
no circumstances remain
overlooked as their sheer
bravery, abundant
accomplishments and
concrete resilience deserve
uttermost admiration and
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