The Latymer School History Magazine - page 2

Dear Readers,
Welcome to Clio, Latymer's very own history magazine.
This, the second edition, considers the impact of various individuals
on the course of past events and how their lives have shaped the
world that we live in today. One man or woman; one thought
synthesised in one mind; one decision taken in one moment - it is
fascinating how much of history is dictated by the actions of a
single person.
Undoubtedly you have heard of some of the individuals mentioned
in the following articles. Some you have not. Nevertheless each and
every one carry with them a legacy, leaving their own distinctive
signatures throughout our history.
We would like to thank our writers who came up with such a wide
range of thought-provoking material and finally to Mr Brice for
organising this edition.
Your Editors
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