The Latymer School History Magazine - page 19

Meitner was honoured on a
German postage stamp
Perhaps even more insulting
to a female scientist is Albert
Einstein’s description of
Meitner; a ‘German Marie
Curie’. Must any intelligent
woman be referred to in light
of this one woman? Is a good
female scientist such a
phenomenon that she
cannot stand alone but must
instead be linked to the
phenomenon that came
This is a flawed description
of Meitner- a woman who is
not only a great female
scientist but a great scientist
regardless of gender. Her
discoveries and theories
were put to a destructive
purpose but nuclear fission is
also used as a renewable
source of energy, and has
opened the door towards
the potential use of fusion as
a method of converting
To quote Meitner, ‘You must
not blame us scientists for
the use which war
technicians have put our
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