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Surviving Byzantine
Mosaic in Hagia
Sophia of Christ
Pantocrator, 12th
improve our lives in the
tangible world, but to assist
us in the
-tangible spiritual
world. This means that there
is no material evidence to
prove the true effectiveness
of his teaching as the final
results are confined to the
‘after life’; this is unlike Martin
Luther King where there is a
plethora of records of his
speeches and politics being
applied in the material and
tangible world, most notably
in the form of the 1957 and
’64 civil rights act. Despite
the intangible nature of his
creed, Jesus’ impact on the
material world was and
remains immense: wars have
been started and millions
killed, many lives devoted to
saving others and lifetimes
spent helping the less
privileged all in the name of
his religion.
As technology develops in
this modern era more
answers to the ‘big’
questions in life are being
found and people are
turning less and less to
religion for these answers.
For example, ever since the
Hubble telescope in 1929
observed red shift and the
theory of the big bang was
developed, and the story of
creation has become less
popular. As this process
continues to happen, the
Jesus' (the myth) influence
and mark on the world will
weaken and may even
completely die out in time to
come. Until then his legacy
will continue and he will still
be one of the most influential
individuals in history.
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