The Latymer School History Magazine - page 12

Letter and drawing fromMary
Anning announcing the
discovery of a fossil animal
now known as Plesiosaurus
dolichodeirus, 26 December
collecting fossils in 2014.
However, I believe Mary still
hasn’t received the
recognition she deserves.
Her determination and
fascination with these
prehistoric creatures was
often condemned and
unaccepted as she
challenged the common
view of the origin of
mankind. The hardships she
had to overcome in a
Christian society that
believed God created man
were extremely challenging
not to mention the
inequalities she had to deal
with being a woman. But
despite all those obstacles
she still continued doing
what she loved and made
incredible discoveries that
have helped shape the
theory of evolution. In fact,
her discoveries pre dated
Darwin’s “Origin of species”.
Although little recognition
was given to her when she
was alive, her determination
didn’t go fully unnoticed. A
famous tongue twister that
most of us probably know
was based on her, and her
passion that drove her to find
new fossils day in day out:
She sells seashells on the
The shells she sells are
seashells, I'm sure
So if she sells seashells on
the seashore
Then I'm sure she sells
seashore shells.
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