The Latymer School History Magazine - page 31

Crowd gathered outside the
Trade Union Congress
conference hall in Brighton
The miner’s strike, which
occurred across Britain
between 1984 and 1985, was
a protest against Margaret
Thatcher’s decision to shut
down the coal mines.
Thatcher decided to close
the mines because they were
no longer profitable and
costing the state £3 Billion a
year. The mining industry
was nationalised in 1947,
and when Thatcher was
elected in 1979 there were
talks of closing them. As this
threat became a reality, the
miners decided to go on
strike in protest against this
decision, a move which
lasted over a year. This
included the winter season,
to highlight the importance
of coal in Britain. Thatcher
was a very controversial
leader going ahead with the
closures despite the uproar
from the workers.
The strike has been
portrayed in several films.
By Will Owen
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