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Princess Elizabeth
Painted by Willian Scrott
1546 (Above)
Elizabeth I, the Tudor Queen,
is considered by many to be
the greatest monarch in
English history. When she
became queen in
, she
was twenty-five years old,
and a survivor of scandal and
danger. However she was
considered ‘illegitimate’ by
most Europeans. She was
only the third queen to rule
England in her own right; the
other two examples, her
cousin Lady Jane Grey and
half-sister Mary I, were
catastrophic. Being the third
and last Queen of the Tudor
period, she inherited a
nation, divided by constant
religious conflicts. After the
death of her sister Mary I, she
had to regain the support of
not only her Catholic and
Protestants subjects which
had been lost during the
reign of Mary. Even her
supporters believed her
position was dangerous and
uncertain. Her only hope,
they encouraged, was to
marry quickly and lean upon
her husband for support.
England and Spain had a
relatively good relationship
as Philip II had been
By Saumiya Paheerathan
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