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Bush’s portrait of
G H Bush- his father
the expressed consent of
Military Intelligence (the CIA,
linguists and private
interrogation specialists).
This group seemed to
believe that by
dehumanising the inmates it
was easier to extract
potentially useful information
from them, with the Ryder
report into detention and
corrections in Iraq describing
how the Army and
intelligence services had
worked together in order to
“set favourable conditions
for subsequent interviews,"
which is a nice way of saying
that they broke the will of
inmates. The use of torture as
a method of intelligence
gathering by the US
government had many
negative effects, as not only
was there a massive
international backlash
against the US led coalition,
it’s also estimated that each
time the US's actions were
reported negatively in the
press it led to a 5-10%
increase in insurgency. In
addition to this it was
reported in 2006 in the New
York Times that, “American
commanders in Iraq are
expressing grave concerns
that the overcrowded Abu
Ghraib prison has become a
breeding ground for
extremist leaders and a
school for terrorist foot
soldiers,” with one soldier
quoted in the article as
referring to the prison as
“Jihad University” showing
just how poor relations were
between the captors and
their captives.
Overall the US led invasion
of Iraq was a terrible error of
judgement on the part of
George W. Bush and Tony
Blair, as evidenced by the
current unrest in the region.
Not only did the war lack
international support, it also
distracted from the war in
Afghanistan, and was
actually very efficient at
encouraging anti-American
sentiment, and thus was a
successful recruiting tool for
terrorist groups the world
over. All of this shows how
despite Bush's claim that in
this exhibition he showed
how he forged relationships
with leaders the world over
in order to advance the US's
international ambitions, what
he perhaps forgot to
mention was how he also
helped raise a generation in
the Middle East who grew up
hating the 'land of the free”
Despite all of this, there is
now another clamour for the
USA to send ground troops
back into Iraq to deal with
the increasing threat
presented by Islamic State —
this demonstrates the
problem when people don’t
look at the evidence of the
(recent) past in order to
choose their future strategy.
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