The Latymer School History Magazine - page 12

A self- portrait by
the former president
When George W. Bush left
the White House for the last
time as President on January
20th 2009, aged 62, his mind
must have inevitably turned
to what was next for him.
What he decided to do was
not follow the much trodden
path from statesman to
motivational public speaker.
Instead he took the
somewhat surprising
decision to begin work on an
art exhibition to be displayed
at his presidential library, in
Texas, known as ‘the art of
According to its
website, this “explores the
relationships that President
George W. Bush forged with
world leaders to shape
international policy and
advance American interests
Through his paintings, and
the photos that accompany
them, he gives us a whistle
stop tour through his
presidency, which began
controversially, when he was
elected by 271 electoral
votes to 266 despite the fact
that he received over half a
million votes fewer than the
Democratic candidate, Al
Gore. The defining moment
By Daniel Weir
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