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Careers at Latymer

Careers Programme
The careers programme at Latymer is incorporated into both the personal development programme, and into the curriculum. At any opportunity in subject lessons, we will apply the knowledge and skills being taught to the wider World.

During the student’s time at Latymer, there are isolated days and events that go on that promote careers. Examples of these include the Year 10 careers fair, the Year 9 training on the careers software JED, the sixth form training on the careers software higher ideas, the Year 10 work shadowing day, the Year 11 work experience programme as well as the UCAs interview process carried out with Year 13.

The Latymer School also employs a careers advisor, Sandra Brown, from the London Borough of Enfield, who comes in once a week to carry out interviews with our students. All students can apply for an interview with Ms Brown each year, and if needed at various points within the year for follow up meetings, however at specific times of the year certain year groups do take priority eg. Year 13 during UCAs applications, and Year 9 for their subject option choices. Sandra, our careers advisor, also carries out lunch time sessions on different career pathways, as well as sessions on useful skills such as how to write a CV. Parent/carers are also able to request a careers interview for their son or daughter in some circumstances by contacting the school directly.

We also have a designated Careers Room which is open to students every lunch time, where students can find many resources they can use, all of the university prospectuses, signposts to different open days and apprentices, as well as computers which can be used for research into different careers or opportunities.

The school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils by following up with our students to see whether the provisions that have been offered and set up have been useful, and helped them make the decisions they may have been struggling with, or even given them a clearer idea of what they need to do in order to follow the pathway they intend to. For the Year 10’s Careers Fair especially, we also follow up with our volunteers who give up their time to deliver interviews to our students to see what they thought was our strength and possible improvements we could implement for the following year. We are constantly making changes and following guidance and feedback to ensure our careers programme has a significantly positive impact on our students’ choices and ideas.

Finally, we have worked very hard in ensuring we work towards and cover all the Gatsby Benchmarks which are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in secondary schools.

Careers Education, Work Experience and Links with Industry and Employers Careers education enables pupils to make wise and informed choices about their future in Higher Education and at work. It can also be a powerful motivator of students. Responsibility for information and advice about Higher and Further Education and Careers is shared by a team of teachers who maintain close liaison with a variety of Careers Services and with industry. The School is a member of the North London Chamber of Commerce. The school's careers provision includes a very well stocked careers room which is open to all pupils. There is an extensive programme which seeks to ensure that every pupil receives appropriate information, advice, support and encouragement in choosing their own academic and career path. All students have access to JED (Job Explorer Database), Higher Ideas, Flying start and Cambridge interviews.

All students are expected to undergo a period of work experience at the end of Year 11. Placements are found by the school or by the students themselves and many parents help by offering work opportunities.

Progression beyond school

The overwhelming majority of pupils age 16+ (approximately 95%) remain at School and take A/AS-level courses. Of those who leave at age 16, almost all transfer to other educational institutions of further education. Those who leave aged 18, approximately 95% proceed to degree courses at Universities or to other forms of Higher Education in Music, Art and other specialisms. In recent years the number of Latymerians gaining places at Oxford and Cambridge Colleges has grown strongly to more than 20 each year. Former Latymer pupils who gain admission to St. John's College, Cambridge (Edward Latymer's college) or to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (his father’s college) may apply for grants from those colleges from funds endowed for their benefit by the Latymer Foundation.

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