To provide a first class, liberal education where pupils achieve their full potential and show consideration for others.

  • To help pupils develop lively enquiring minds, apply themselves to tasks and acquire practical skills and knowledge that are valued both for their own sake and for the broader good of society.
  • To ensure that school life is valued for itself as well as a preparation for adulthood and employment.
  • To help pupils develop the ambition and self-esteem to realise their full potential.
  • To encourage pupils to be aware of and understand their own and others’ feelings.
  • To assist pupils to develop an understanding of and respect for the beliefs and values of others.
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities for all pupils.
  • To help pupils understand the world and the interdependence of individuals, communities and nations.
  • To help pupils understand the consequences for the environment of their actions and those of others.
  • To encourage pupils to contribute to the common good both now and in the future.