Latymer School are delighted to welcome a range of other schools to the Economics Conference.

Thank you for attending and contributing to the conference this year.

  • Aylward Academy
  • Enfield Grammar
  • Haberdashers Aske’s Boys School
  • Raines Foundation
  • William Ellis

We are very grateful for...

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As you are probably aware, the law on data protection in the UK is changing. The Data Protection Act 2018 applies the Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the UK.

The new rules are designed to take account of the massive changes in data use since the Data Protection Act 1998....

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Congratulations to our GCSE, AS and A level Art students. During the past 3 weeks we have celebrated the achievement of our students by holding our annual exhibitions. We would like to thank our students for making it such a success. The work showed innovation, creativity and dedication, well don...

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Foundation Day By J. Blain, Latymer Laureate

When Edward Latymer
Founded our school,
He did so with one wish.
To ensure that he
Who endures succeeds,
And ultimately, wins.

Who knew that Edmonton
Would be our home? These buildings,
These roads, these people.
But now we are here
And we...

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