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Cwm trip this week

Update written by Year 7 students

This week, the Keats House is in Cwm. Zi, Kheya, and Shay tell us about their trip.

On Monday, we did a combination of canoeing, abseiling, and rock climbing. It was overall fun, but my boat capsized during canoeing! 

On Tuesday, we did gorge walking (more like gorge swimming!). In the beginning we were perfectly dry and happy, but at the end we were shivering and freezing. Overall, I believe everyone in our group was dreading every minute of this, but we will look back and, on reflexion, think that was amazing! We enjoyed the amazing teamwork and the trust we had in each other. 

On Wednesday, we climbed a mountain in Croesor. It involved working together, supporting each other, and walking. We were happy all the way through and it is something I will remember forever.

Our evening activities were a whole other level. We had a Table Football and Table Tennis Extravaganza, a quiz, and we also had a 'Just Chill' activities evening since we went hiking for almost six hours!