The Galactic Challenge

The Galactic Challenge

The Galactic Challenge

The Galactic Challenge

Due to the current circumstances, the Galactic Challenge 2020 is now a digital competition.

Mission 1 , titled One Small Step, was set in 2030. It was to establish humanity's first space settlement on the moon and detailed investigations of the lunar landscape was required.

The task was to design a vehicle for four astronauts to stay in for six months, considering the size, how it would move on the moon's surface and how it would be powered. An additional task was to adapt the vehicle design to ensure it landed safely.

Congratulations to all of the students that entered.

Kwame Opoku achieved a bronze award for his D.A.V design.

Freya Lavery, Sarah Durosinmi and Tumi Seweje gained the bronze award for their Potato Power vehicle.

Oliver Mariyanayagam was awarded a silver for his LARS design.

Maciej Surma achieved the prestigious illustration award for designing The MoonWalker, as shown in the pictures . The judges said " Maciej's large and clear drawings helped us visualise exactly how this vehicle would be configured. Plan views of the exterior and interior, all labelled, showed the different components of the vehicle and revealed a clear understanding of the facilities astronauts would need on the Moon."

Mission 2, set in 2041, is to identify possible landing sites for humans on Mars. We await the results of the second challenge.

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