Latymer Laureate

Latymer Laureate

Latymer Laureate

Latymer Laureate

Foundation Day By J. Blain, Latymer Laureate

When Edward Latymer
Founded our school,
He did so with one wish.
To ensure that he
Who endures succeeds,
And ultimately, wins.

Who knew that Edmonton
Would be our home? These buildings,
These roads, these people.
But now we are here
And we aren’t alone; sheltered
Under the Latymer steeple.

For Latymer is full of options,
Opportunities and unlimited
Netball, football, rugby, and dance,
All lead to our future

Our teachers direct and
Guide us, to one
Ultimate goal.
To be the best
That we can be -
THAT is our main role.

So Edward Latymer,
Legacy true, right
And strong.
We all stand here,
On Foundation Day,
And sing it loud and long.

Foundation Day by S. Khan, Latymer Apprentice Laureate

Centuries ago today,
A man that did plant the seed,
That would grow into a triumphant flower.
The Latymer School had begun.

Within the bricks and mortar,
Lies a loving community,
A community that will
Stay with one forever.

Everyday a host of many bright students come –
Come to explore the glorious possibilities of learning,
And to unearth their passions,
That might be a key to their future.

Meanwhile, the students and teachers
Develop a strong bond that will
Make them laugh and smile,
And secure a sense of love and unity.

Latymer will always be
A place for guidance and help,
A light in the dark,
A helping hand.

So today we contemplate
And display our gratitude,
That we could be so privileged to have,
This wondrous school full of excitement and adventure.
Edward Latymer planted a seed,
A seed that grew –
Grew into a fabulous community…

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