Latymer Schools Covid Emergency Appeal

Latymer Schools Covid Emergency Appeal

Latymer Schools Covid Emergency Appeal

Latymer Schools Covid Emergency Appeal

There is no denying that the last nine months have been extremely challenging for our students, parents and the wider Latymer community. Our staff members have been working extremely hard to keep the children as safe as possible, whilst continuing to deliver a top-class education.

Unfortunately the school has been running at a deficit in recent years because we are determined to continue providing excellent teaching and learning opportunities to all our students, no matter what.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard, including the Latymer school. It has put an even greater pressure on our budget. Keeping the school Covid-secure and continuing to teach even when students are self-isolating will cost us this year an extra £56 per student. As we have 1,383 students, that's over £77,000 extra deficit for this year alone.

Whilst we have received government funding for some Covid-related costs, it does not cover everything we need. For instance, we have put up a large marquee near the canteen, to keep children socially distanced but also dry during the chilling winter months. Our IT costs have also rocketed to facilitate distance learning and keep all the children, even those having to self-isolate, as part of the classroom. From September 2020 onwards, the government has confirmed that schools have to cover their own Covid-related costs. The £56 per student is therefore the estimated extra costs we face for the academic year, which has left us with no choice but launch this emergency funding appeal.

Please, if you can, donate to help keep your school Covid-secure and keep children learning, whether at school or in self-isolation. This year, the School will rely more than ever on funds raised for the Latymer Foundation.

We appreciate that the current economic climate is extremely difficult and that some parents and carers will be facing uncertain or challenging times. If you can’t afford to help, we absolutely understand. But, if you are in a situation where you can help, then every contribution, no matter what the amount, will be a great help to your school.

To donate to the our Covid emergency appeal, please go to

Or contact our Fundraising Manager, Ms Beatrice Cami, at if you have any questions or prefer to donate by other means.

Thank you so much for your support!

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