Department Background

“The important thing is to never stop questioning” – Albert Einstein

Head of KS3: Mr Reader

  • HOD Biology: Dr Elliott
  • HOD Physics: Mr Panton
  • HOD Chemistry: Miss Williams

Teachers: Mr Campaigne, Mr Crabtree, Miss Fung, Dr Hussain, Ms Kocjancic, Mrs Kumar, Mrs Majid, Miss Williams, Mr Zeppetelli

Key Stage 3 Science at Latymer is the start of a learning journey which takes place over at least 5 years, teaching the fundamentals of scientific concepts and skills. Pupils will undertake a variety of activities which go beyond the National Curriculum to engage them and promote the wider world of science. Pupils are taught in a range of topics from the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to suitably prepare them for the next steps of their studies.

The curriculum is designed to build upon previous knowledge from primary school and the topics within each year are designed to get more challenging as the terms progress. Important practical and mathematical skills are practiced in lessons as well as more transferable skills such as problem solving and teamwork. Each topic contains a practical investigation which encourages pupils to plan a method, collect and analyse data and then evaluate the process both individually and as a member of a team.

By the end of the two-year course each pupil should be confident to step up to Key Stage 4 and have a passion for science, as well as a resilient and enquiring minds

Year 7 - 9

Year 7 Year 8
Living Things Food and Energy
Reproduction Organisms and the Environment
Particles and Separation Elements and Oxides
Chemical Changes Earth and Universe
Force and Magnetism Light and Sound
Electricity and Energy Energy in the Home

Pupils are taught a mixture of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as a form group by one or two specialist science teachers. Each year they learn two topics from each discipline, with the topics overlapping and building on one another to allow pupils to understand how real-world applications and ideas are intertwined.

Activities and Recent Highlights

Outside of lesson time there are a multitude of clubs, trips and enrichment activities for the pupils to participate in to further enhance their understanding and passion for science. Whether it is trying to find out “Who shot JFK?” during the Forensic Science day or making their own ice cream in Serious About Science club, pupils have the freedom to find the areas of science they most enjoy. Across the school there are also student-made science magazines which are available for Year 7 and 8 pupils to read and contribute to.

The understanding of concepts at Key Stage 3 assists with the consistently excellent results achieved at GCSE in all Science disciplines.