Department Background

The emphasis within the art department is to provide all students with a broad and balanced programme of study. We see ourselves as a dynamic and progressive department with a strong shared ethos. We work as a team, whilst using the expertise of individuals to provide flexibility and range of skills. We want to develop a creative and independent learning environment.

The department is committed to the substantial use of external learning resources; visits to galleries and museums, art study trips, workshops and artists' workshops. Our main aim is to extend our students’ experience and opportunities. Art education has the capacity to allow students to learn about the world around them and themselves within it, enabling students to respond imaginatively and creatively and to develop their perception. We feel our open door policy supports this ethos and vision.

Year 7 - 9

Year 7


  • Tone
  • Drawing
  • Natural

Drawing from still life

Developing a range of mark making skills in pencil, leading on to working with tone in 2D on a larger scale. Introduction to key terms: recording and investigative drawing.

We use artists such as Morandi to aid understanding of these techniques and student work with and develop awareness of personal significance behind still life objects.


  • Composition
  • Print and other
  • Pattern

Pattern and Culture

Exploration of patterns found in other cultures and area form the basis of this project Looking at the East African Kanga students develop their own design and print informed by their chosen proverb. This is a project which considers the way patterns and proverbs communicate messages and considers the East African culture (this is a project based around Tanzania- our partnership school)


Continuation of Pattern project

Formal introduction to colour, via the colour wheel. Introduction to artists who explicitly use colour.

3D INSECTS- students are introduced to form as a formal element and create an insect(hybrid) in groups using willow or found objects.

Year 8


  • Texture
  • 3D and colour
  • Fruit

Fruit Ceramics

We build on work from the Year 7 summer project of 'colour'.

Observational studies of fruits should inform understanding of texture, colour, surface and shape.

Studies of fruit used as inspiration to create a 3D piece that explores texture, pattern, surface and colour. Final pieces could use metaphor, humour or other means.

Contextual studies : Kate Malone, Ceramics and Glazer (Using the artist Kate Malone as an example)


  • Shape
  • Various
  • Portraiture

The Self

Students are required to expand their understanding of the portrait, using appropriate media. Concepts of symbolism and metaphor should be addressed.

The Project continues through the spring and summer terms to achieve either one final piece or a series of pieces exploring the theme of portraiture and self portraiture through looking at the self. ICT task ‘Me as a beast’ Film poster


Continuation of the Self project.

Year 9


  • Research
  • Various
  • Artists' Sketchbook

Pop Art objects Students research Pop Art, producing a screen print. ICT resources, including Intranet, internet and possible photoshop and animation software. Students undertake an independent research project for homework.


  • Form/Texture
  • Various 3D
  • Form

Year 10 - 11

Art at GCSE level consist of two projects and an exam in March, (with approx 8 weeks of preparation time). All the projects will give you the opportunity to build on strengths and experiment with different materials.

  • Project One: Gardens
  • Project Two: Body
  • Refining Projects One and Two
  • Exam: 10 hours (two days)

Year 12 - 13


  • Component 1: Portfolio- students work on the theme of 'Space'. Students create a series of responses to workshops, a large scale drawing and then a project based on an area of interest.
  • Component 2: Externally set assignment- students have 8 weeks preparation time before a 10 hour exam .

A – level

  • Component 1: Personal Investigation – students must create a project based on their own starting point.
  • Component 2 : Externally set assignment – students have 8 weeks preparation time before a 15 hour exam

Activities and Recent Highlights


  • Year 7 Painting club (Summer Term)
  • Year 8 Sculpture club (Summer Term)
  • Year 9 Ceramic Gargoyles (Autumn Term)
  • Art Society
  • Year 7 Tate trip for all year 7 in which they take the boat between the Tate galleries
  • Paris and Barcelona trips for the 6th form

Art Shows

Every year Yr 11,12 and 13 pupils display their work in three separate exhibitions, these take place in the Seward Studio and are the culmination and celebration of all the hard work the students have put in over the year. They are always superbly constructed and show the breadth and diversity of the work adding an element of professionalism to the course. They are very well attended, promoted by the pupils and attended by parents, ex teachers, teachers from Latymer and other schools, college & university lecturers and other interested parties, many of them support the department in one way or another.