1: (All) Rare the song we have for singing, Great the School whose name we praise, Gladly to our founder bringing Thanks for these our youthful days. Laughter and joy and truth and beauty, Goal to seek and race to run, Salt of defeat and sweet of triumph On windswept field in rain and sun.

(Chorus) Sing it, Latymer, loud and long, Song of Latymer's deathless throng; Past and present and those to be, Steadfast sons in loyalty. Here or there or seas asunder One great name we shelter under. Sing it Latymer loud and long, Fifty, hundred, a thousand strong.

2: (Girls only) They who have passed beyond the sunset Gather again where they used to meet, Borne on the wind of memory's sighing Pale wraith hands and drifting feet; Back they come to us all unerring; We who linger this side the sun Hear the whisper of ghostly stirring Know that we and the past are one.

3: (All) Clear before us the task heroic: High endeavour, lasting fame, Glorious end from small beginning, Priceless worth of honoured name. Sing again the song courageous, Glad and gay from distant Past: "Ye who endure while strife engages Strong in soul shall win at last."