• We’ll be holding our next APFLS Committee meeting on Thursday 6th June 2019 at 7.30pm in the LRC (Learning Resources Centre), opposite the Library and just behind the Kiosk in the Small Hall. Parking in the playground, via the North Gate.

    As ever, all parents and friends of Latymer are welcome – so please come along. We’re especially keen to welcome parents of recent joiners and younger age groups. We meet around the table to plan and organise coming events, share thoughts and come up with new initiatives. We’re always looking to add to and improve what we do, so if you have any fundraising ideas of your own, we’re genuinely all ears!

    At present we’re very much focused on our biggest event of the year, the Summer Fayre, which we’ll be hosting around the school on Sunday 7 July. (See below.) There’s still a great deal to do to make this event happen, so it’s really an ideal time to come along and get involved. And if you can't make this meeting, there’s still one more to come this term:

    • Tuesday 2nd July 2019
  • This is our major fundraising event of the year: an afternoon that brings together the whole school community - open to family, friends and anyone interested to see and get a taste of Latymer at first hand. Please put it in the diary!

    Held in the school grounds and buildings, the Summer Fayre includes many separate attractions and initiatives presented by groups of parents and friends, as well as by members of the school. The whole thing is hosted, organised and run by APFLS – with vital support from the buildings team and individual members of staff, as well as from the students who participate in entertainments and activities. With so much to make happen, the Fayre takes lots of planning and co-ordination for months beforehand. We always need help, so it’s never too late to get involved!

    Could you volunteer to lend a hand on the day? Or get involved now, with planning and organising? Or maybe you have your own idea about how you could contribute!

    Whatever suits, thanks for your support and please email

  • Throughout the year, money we raise at school events provides essential means to deliver deserving causes right across the school - initiatives which otherwise would not be possible. Every cup of tea and glass of wine helps raise vital funds. We’d really appreciate your help at any of these events - in any way that suits you. Please contact the APFLS in advance if you can – as this helps us plan resources. But also do feel free just to turn up on the day or evening and lend a hand.

    • 21st June 2019 - New Year 7 Music Information Evening 7pm The APFLS will be opening the refreshment kiosk before and during the event

    • 27th & 28th June 2019 - Open Evenings for prospective parents 4-7.30pm The APFLS will be providing refreshments during the afternoon and evening

    • 5th & 6th July 2019 - Junior Drama Production 7.30pm The APFLS will be opening the bar and refreshment kiosk from 7:00pm before the performance and also during the interval

    • 12th July 2019 - Gala Concert 7pm The APFLS will be opening the bar and refreshment kiosk from 6:30pm before the performance and also during the interval